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Argentina Travel Magazine
Even though we know Argentina is not a part of the USA we would like to welcome aboard ArgentinaTravelMagazine.com to our family of travel magazines. Editor Harvey and co-editor Brian Wood are a great father and son “tag team” that lived in Argentina for four years and have a genuine love for the country. They have worked together and produced a fine travel publication.
Alaska Travel Magazine
Alaska Travel Magazine - Alaska—"The Great Land" is a place that you must visit at least once in your lifetime. On this web site we show you video articles of a little of what you can experience as fly in fishing, flying  a bush plane into remote Alaska, flightseeing Mt. Denali, learning how to make Alaska sourdough (complete with printable recipes), play interactive Alaska trivia games and more.
Washington Travel Magazine
Washington Travel Magazine - Take a virtual video tour of Fort Vancouver where you will see an interview with Dr. John McLoughlin, drive along with us on the famous Washington Coast Highway 101 and step back into time as you visit some of the beach villages, experience a Quinault Native American "Blueback Salmon" feast, ride along with the Murray family as they cross the Bridge of the Gods 300 feet over the Columbia River Gorge with a packstring of horses while they pioneer the Pacific Crest Trail, and much more.
Oregon Travel magazine
Oregon Travel Magazine - Video article that will allow you to catch the Columbia River Gorge winds in your hair as you windsurf vicariously with the Gorge windsurfers, travel with us along the precarious Oregon Coast Highway 101, climb to the top of the famous Oregon lighthouses, drive across the amazing Astoria bridge, and follow the Murray family as they ride, on horseback, to pioneer the Oregon portion of the PCT.
California Travel Magazine
California Travel Magazine - Visit the "Golden State" via video travel articles taking you into the famous Mojave Desert where you will see the desert blooming and desert critters that adapt themselves to the Mojave Desert harsh conditions, drive with us along the backroads (Blue Highways) of California to visit the California gold country, take a look at the California Cascade Mountains and the geothermal activity of it's active volcano, Mount Lassen, continue the expedition of the Murray family riding horseback through California portion of the PCT.
Mount Saint Helens Travel Magazine
Mount Saint Helens Magazine - This web site gives you some video and explanation of why the east side of Mount Saint Helens gives you a better idea of the awesome destruction of the volcano eruption. From this side of the volcano you can look into the crater and see the new Spirit Lake area.
Mt. St. Helens Travel Magazine
Mt. St. Helens Magazine - This web site has many stories of the Mt. St. Helens locals who lived through the volcano eruption and what their life is like now. Experience the Cowlitz River with a local canoe club, read sme Logger Poetry, see through the eyes of a Cowlitz Native American storyteller, and more.
Motorhome Traveler Magazine
Motorhome Traveler Magaazine - For those who like to do their traveling in a motorhome this magazine has many informative articles to help you in the RV lifestyle. Learn the ins-and-outs of black water management or drive with us up the Alaska Highway. Check the RV product reviews and even receive discounts when ordering.
RV Travel Magazine
RV Travel Magazine - Explore the California, Oregon and Washington Coast Highways via a video article. From Bodega Bay to the Redwood Forests to the Oregon Coast lighthouses on to the Beach Villages ogf Washington, and points in between. Take a virtual video trip of a 4X4 adventure through Titus Canyon

The following links are provide just for your reading pleasure. These books are authored by our Editor Barry Murray

Banner Books Banner Books - Free online books for your reading pleasure.
Pacific Crest Trail Book
Search For A Shadow of the Past - The complete account of the Murray Family and their 2500 mile horseback trip to pioneer the Pacific Crest Trail from Mexico to Canada.
Code Yellow Novel Code Yellow Novel - A novel that will cause you to ask some hard questions as: What really happened at Pearl Harbor?
I Want A Horse Book
I Want A Horse Field Guide - This is a field guide for those wanting to buy a horse with confidence. Author Barry Murray brings his years of horse experience and experience as a ferrier in a comprehensive horse buying guide and how to examin the potential horse.
Mac & Murray Multimedia Inc.
Mac&Murray Multimedia - Is the agency that publishes all of the above web sites and many more. This is a portfolio of all their past and present endeavours.
E-Travel Magazines E-Travel Magazines - A web site for the recruitment of travel magazine editors.
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